Awhile back, little consideration was given to pet space, let alone dog beds. Dogs were fortunate to get a blanket or soft towel to rest on, let alone a fancy pillow in a bin. Lucky for Fido, the times have evolved and many German Shepherd owners will choose a designer dog bed. There are so many unique and lavish beds available now.

First on our list: Eloise Beds

These fun and whimsical pet beds are charming, cute and super cozy. Ranging in basic colors and materials to fancy and upscale, these are available in Hampton twills, velour, terry cloths, and more durable outdoor fabrics. Beautiful, elegant, and showy may be choice, or maybe you prefer the more rugged, water-resistant type included in the outdoor selection. Depending on the size you desire (small, medium, or large) this brand will cost you over a $120.

Second brand: Jax & Bones

This stylish brand are mostly fluffy cushions, vs actual bed types. Custom pillows, lounge beds and outdoor bedding is a few of their categories. The updated and trendy fabric patterns make this a good choice for any and every home. You can also have your pet’s bed personalized with his name imprinted on a micro suede one. Prices start at under $100.


Third: Mammoth Dog Beds

If you have a large breed, such as a Mastiff or Rottweiler, this designer bed would suit your big guy perfectly. Mammoth beds cater to the unique and different needs of a more robust pet. This collection offers a variety of nice sizes and styles. Industrial strength, premium grade fill, machine washable removable cushions, and anti-odor fabric protector are amongst the popular features of this bed. They also come in different shapes such as round, oval, and square to accommodate the needs of your large pet.

Fourth choice: Bella Tutu Divine

This class is for the simply spoiled rotten doggie. Think Paris Hilton of the dog world. These truly are one of a kind, in the fanciest, frilliest way possible. The pinker, the better. Not really for a tough kind of dog, but more for one that likes to sport around in the purse of her owner. These beds are affordable, and provide lots of soft plush, trim, and satin bows. These are produced in Australia, and starting at $100 they are also affordable.

Last, But Not Least: Haute Diggity Dog

A Dog bed, or shall I say teacup or car, from Haute Diggity Dog will set you back a pretty penny. They sell top of the line designer types like “Chewy Vuiton” and “Chewnel #5”. If your pup is more into a fast ride, you could check out their Furcedes, Furari, or the NYC Tax. These are super stylish, but pricey at $250- $300. Just think, your friend would be sleeping in a cool ride all night long. Not only are they cleverly different, they are functional. The inside pad is made of a quality polyfil, with machine washable removable covers. Mostly designed for small to medium size dogs, this would fit Tito’s personality.

Well, we have covered many of the different classes of resting spots for your GSD and hopefully this will help you choose a designer dog bed. Of course, I am sure you can find many more varieties then we have told you about. Good luck in finding just the right resting place for your man’s best friend. Whether you choose a fancy automobile for your Schnauzer, a girlie diva type for your Pomeranian, or a rugged plaid bed for your German Shepherd, your choice will be the right one.