German Shepherd Dogs

Everything you need to know about this breed

Mixed Breeds of German Shepherds

The mixed German Shepherd is a dog that has individuality of too much of two breeds, or is a successor of undomesticated or outsider dog populations. If neither the look nor the manners will point out the pedigree, many have factual mixed breed dogs. For the reason that the mixed breed describes from a broader hereditary group, they are not prone to hereditary disease that is conventional in numerous pure breed dogs.

Additionally, a lot of times their nature is a mixture of more than a few dog breed, which can balance the potency of each dog breed, even as retreating the great frequently unwanted behaviors of several pure breed dogs.

Millions of these mixed breed are ill-treated or euthanized yearly all through the world. Several dog owners only think about status or look of a pure breed dog, with no truly looking into the factual nature of the dog they are buying. A dog breed is an exact collection of dogs man has designed, more than thousands of years, for helping a variety of purposes for example hunting, safeguard and herding. So, popular hunting breed is preferred if somebody requires for hunting only.

Selecting the accurate dog breed is not simple even if you have chosen earlier also. There are quite a few types of popular hunting breed of dogs developed for the various tasks hunters’ need that they accomplish. All possible body forms, ear types, as well as tail styles can come into view in mixed dog breeds. Expecting a fully developed of a mixed dog breeds puppy is complicated. In general, mixed breed dogs be inclined to be healthier. One example of such a mixed dog is the German Shepherd hybrid.

Several people take pleasure in owning mixed GSD breeds, significance their exceptional look and individuality: whereas pure breed dogs show little inconsistency of appearance within their type, mixed breed dogs display frequently exclusive appearances. Even though some dog owners choose the rank of owning a particular breed of dog or have a wistful affection to a breed they desire to get, may others like mixed breed dogs that show characteristics not unlike their preferred breeds: actually, with a mixed breed, they can benefit from some features of look and individuality of two preferred breeds with a particular dog.


A Good Resource: Dog Training Books

There are literally thousands of dog training books on the market. There are books by professional trainers, dog behavioral experts, veterinarians, breeders and others that have worked with dogs in the past. Every one of the books will have good ideas and strategies to use, but many will have less desirable or even distasteful training methods. It is important to understand several aspects when determining what type of dog training book that is most useful to you.

German Shepherd Specific Dog Training Books

gsd-training-bookNearly all breed specific training books are helpful for many different reasons. They will give you the temperament of the particular breed, and most of them recommend a number of training strategies that will work well with the particular breed. In addition these books provide very specific information about problems or difficulties in working with the specific breed. It’s important to always remember that dogs are unique individuals, your dog may not have the exact behavior or temperament that is listed in the breed specific dog training book. Be ready to individualize the program based on both your personality and your dogs’.

General programs

Often books promote a specific method of training that can be used across a wide variety of breeds. These books are very useful and can help provide consistency in training the dog. Many also contain CD-ROMs or DVD’s to watch that will help you understand the training program in action. These general books can be broken down into working with small, medium and large breed dogs as there are different strategies that are effective for certain aspects of training.

Specific Dog Training Books

Many breeds have been developed because they have a specific talent or ability. Hunting dogs or tracking dogs have natural abilities to hunt or track, but they will require special training to be able to be effective and to be able to use their abilities on command. Retrievers and guard dogs require special training to hone their skills in these areas. If you own a dog that you are trying to train for a special skill, remember that a general dog training book will not likely have the detailed information that you may be seeking.

Comfort level

It is important to skim through the book or research the training method before you decide if this is the book for you and your dog. Many books focus on a positive training method that works on the strength of the dog and builds up their abilities. Some books require use of only their program, where others are more flexible about taking ideas from various programs or books. There are still some programs that are more punishment focused, and the great majority of people are not comfortable using these programs. Most professional breeders and trainers do not recommend these methods.


Talk to your breeder, groomer, veterinarian or rescue shelter workers to see what books they recommend. Most dog owners are happy to talk to others interested in dogs, so ask other pet owner what they have used. A well-behaved dog is always a good reference for a particular dog training book or program.

How to Prevent Your Dog From Biting

Trained and intelligent German Shepherds are the top dogs for law enforcement work and military responsibilities. A large family may even enjoy having these German Shepherds around. Perhaps because it serves in dangerous fields like the police force, it has a reputation for being likely aggressive. In reality, it is a gentle breed with a “bad boy” reputation.

The German Shepherd bites? It is natural for a German Shepherd to bite especially when not trained! When the stimulus to bite is present, they can be powerful biters. Here are some situations wherein German Shepherds bite:

Bad handling by the owner: There are some owners that ignored the warning signs and did not rein in biting behavior early.

Territorial aggression: German shepherds are known for their loyalty and defensive nature.


Supremacy: German shepherds in a fresh setting will wrangle for its right to be the Alpha head of the pack. In the first place, you ought to discourage this conduct. So as the owner, you have to show him or her that you are the leader. This can be accomplished by treating your pet in a firm and authoritative manner.

If a German Shepherd is pressed to a corner and is fearful, he may nibble. Very shy dogs often react in this way by reason of not enough social interaction. Once more, poor upbringing and no schooling can agitate your canine.

German Shepherds who are mature and less trainable are harder to handle. That’s why this conduct ought to be stopped while the German Shepherd is still young. This breed has an ingrained peculiarity to be obedient and to respond to authority. An mature German Shepherd can be trained as long as the owner is tolerant. Be commanding enough to make him see that biting indiscriminately is not a good thing.

What can you do?

A puppy can be a joy to have around. If only he wouldn’t bite you! If you have any intent of making your pet stop then you need to understand the canine psychology or in this instance “pup psychology” behind it.

A pup bites as it likes exploring his or her surrounding environment. Unfortunately, it can use its “mouth” to investigate the stuff around him or her. They also love to learn which involves biting. In the litter, young puppies bite each other to show affection. His litter mates may show bite inhibition behavior to control this habit.

You can use this inhibition by entirely ignoring your puppy when he bites you.

Exaggerate when he bites and turn away. German shepherd young puppies crave to please their owners and will instantly understand that they have disappointed their owners if the owners stop taking note of them. The biting conduct will sooner or later disappear when you’re unswerving.

Don’t play games like tug of war as your dog will tug at you, with his teeth.

You do not wish to do anything with your pup that may entice him or her to believe that biting is okay, as these activities might make your pet start biting.

If the baby German shepherd biting doesn’t stop flip her or him over gently on the back and use a growling tone of voice to scold your dog. Be like his mother in the litter This can be a good display of authority.

Don’t punish him physically by hitting or yelling. He will only develop hostility towards you and lose esteem!

Tips For Handling German Shepherd Behavior


What type of relationship will you build with your German Shepherd? Allow me to share some thoughts on how you can build a solid bond with your German Shepherd.

The German Shepherd is one of the best pet dogs you can own. This breed comes from Germany. German shepherds are very smart and fine-looking in appearance. The male height ranges from 24 to 26 inches while the female can range from 22 to 24 inches. This dog breed is ideal as a sentry dog and a companion dog. They’re clever enough to follow instructions precisely.

For decades, this dog has been used in police operations and in the military. However, simply because it is used in such hazardous professions, never believe it can’t be kept as a family dog. You can definitely use an incredible and faithful dog like the German shepherd in your residence.

You should appreciate how a German shepherd behaves before you get one.

To begin with, you have to realize that every animal has a definite temperament of its own like human beings. Although German shepherds have unique personalities, there are common dog breed characteristics. Depending on how you train your dog, these features will come into play in your bond with your German shepherd. An uncaring owner will undoubtedly bring up a German shepherd that’s hostile to others, particularly to kids and other animals.

The best traits of a German shepherd are: courageous, obedient and lively. They are fast learners. They may show diffident conduct amid strangers, but they’re likely to show their fun side in the company of relatives and comrades. They like to socialize with their owners and detest being left alone.

A German shepherd is not likely to be lazy. They should stretch their muscles and would be pleased about errands and being given things to do around the residence. They show the “can do” attitude when they are given a difficult task. A German shepherd’s behavior displays flexibility that can been seen when they’re working in their jobs. For this reason, this dog breed is well-loved by military personnel and policemen!

Blind persons nearly always have a German shepherd guide dog. They are responsible and won’t leave their owners in search of adventures.

He would be happy to complete a job, even if it’s just walking together with his blind master to the park. Several folks accuse the German shepherd for being too aggressive which is true. If not properly socialized, they could show paranoid behavior that can shock even the bravest soul. This aggressive behavior may be directed toward other animals and strangers. Being aggressive has a lot to do with the instinct to protect the herd. This is why they make such good sentinel dogs. Some schooling strategies help you handle this aggressive behavior.

Lastly, there is much potential in the German shepherd; all it needs is an active and dedicated owner willing to invest time and effort for this brilliant pet. It’s a great commitment!

3 Tips For German Shepherd Owners Going to Dog Parks

Dog parks are taking the country by storm. All across the country, cities are making the effort to create these spaces that are dedicated to dogs and German Shepherd owners love it. For instance, there are dog park rules every dog owner should know when visiting the local parks in both Runyon Park and Laurel Canyon in California that were so popular that they became overcrowded very quickly. New parks had to be built to handle the overflow. All over the state in cities like Long Beach, Santa Monica, Palm Springs and San Diego. These parks are being designed so that the local dog owners have a place to bring their dogs to play and socialize.

If you asked any of the dogs who frequent these parks, they would probably compare them to being in heaven. If you are lucky enough to have a local dog park, you probably can understand the happiness German Shepherds feel when running around, playing with all the other dogs. Not only do they get to be off leash, they meet other dogs and get to interact with all their canine companions.

Natural dog behavior and socialization can look similar to human activity, which can make it interesting for the owners to watch. Dogs form packs, the canine version of cliques, and they have a formalized method of greeting others they know from previous visits and a different method when meeting dogs for the first time. Since they are so expressive, you can tell they are having a great time… some even look like they’re smiling.

3 Tips For German Shepherd Owners

dog-parks-german-shepherdEven though taking your dog to his favorite park is a lot of fun, some owners make some simple mistakes. It is easy for people to forget they need to balance their dog’s emotional needs while at the park.

First, some owners think that visiting the park meets all their dog’s needs. They think that since their dogs enjoy the park so much, they don’t need to be affectionate with the animal at home. Just because the pet spends an hour or two at the park each week doesn’t mean they don’t need to attended to outside the park. If you withdraw attention from your pet, they may also become detached from you, causing behavior problems and anxiety at home.

Second, some owners don’t watch their German Shepherds closely enough at the park. With all the excitement and energy at the park, it is easy for one dog to try to assert dominance over another through aggression. With all the action going on, it can be easy to miss your doggie dominating or being dominated by another. You may think they are just playing, but it could be the precursor to a fight.

Third, don’t be afraid to participate with your German Shepherd when you’re at the park. With all the activity between animals, it is easy to become complacent and let your dog off the leash and just sit on the sidelines. By interacting and watching your pet, you are protecting it from being injured by another aggressive dog, or maybe preventing your own from becoming aggressive with another. Even in a park, you can have boundaries for your pet. They will learn that while they’re having fun, they still need to behave. If you were taking a child to play in a park, you wouldn’t just sit idly by and ignore all their actions while they were bullying others or being bullied themselves.