German Shepherd Dogs

Everything you need to know about this breed

How to Prevent Your Dog From Biting

Trained and intelligent German Shepherds are the top dogs for law enforcement work and military responsibilities. A large family may even enjoy having these German Shepherds around. Perhaps because it serves in dangerous fields like the police force, it has a reputation for being likely aggressive. In reality, it is a gentle breed with a “bad boy” reputation.

The German Shepherd bites? It is natural for a German Shepherd to bite especially when not trained! When the stimulus to bite is present, they can be powerful biters. Here are some situations wherein German Shepherds bite:

Bad handling by the owner: There are some owners that ignored the warning signs and did not rein in biting behavior early.

Territorial aggression: German shepherds are known for their loyalty and defensive nature.


Supremacy: German shepherds in a fresh setting will wrangle for its right to be the Alpha head of the pack. In the first place, you ought to discourage this conduct. So as the owner, you have to show him or her that you are the leader. This can be accomplished by treating your pet in a firm and authoritative manner.

If a German Shepherd is pressed to a corner and is fearful, he may nibble. Very shy dogs often react in this way by reason of not enough social interaction. Once more, poor upbringing and no schooling can agitate your canine.

German Shepherds who are mature and less trainable are harder to handle. That’s why this conduct ought to be stopped while the German Shepherd is still young. This breed has an ingrained peculiarity to be obedient and to respond to authority. An mature German Shepherd can be trained as long as the owner is tolerant. Be commanding enough to make him see that biting indiscriminately is not a good thing.

What can you do?

A puppy can be a joy to have around. If only he wouldn’t bite you! If you have any intent of making your pet stop then you need to understand the canine psychology or in this instance “pup psychology” behind it.

A pup bites as it likes exploring his or her surrounding environment. Unfortunately, it can use its “mouth” to investigate the stuff around him or her. They also love to learn which involves biting. In the litter, young puppies bite each other to show affection. His litter mates may show bite inhibition behavior to control this habit.

You can use this inhibition by entirely ignoring your puppy when he bites you.

Exaggerate when he bites and turn away. German shepherd young puppies crave to please their owners and will instantly understand that they have disappointed their owners if the owners stop taking note of them. The biting conduct will sooner or later disappear when you’re unswerving.

Don’t play games like tug of war as your dog will tug at you, with his teeth.

You do not wish to do anything with your pup that may entice him or her to believe that biting is okay, as these activities might make your pet start biting.

If the baby German shepherd biting doesn’t stop flip her or him over gently on the back and use a growling tone of voice to scold your dog. Be like his mother in the litter This can be a good display of authority.

Don’t punish him physically by hitting or yelling. He will only develop hostility towards you and lose esteem!