German Shepherd Dogs

Everything you need to know about this breed

Tips For Handling German Shepherd Behavior


What type of relationship will you build with your German Shepherd? Allow me to share some thoughts on how you can build a solid bond with your German Shepherd.

The German Shepherd is one of the best pet dogs you can own. This breed comes from Germany. German shepherds are very smart and fine-looking in appearance. The male height ranges from 24 to 26 inches while the female can range from 22 to 24 inches. This dog breed is ideal as a sentry dog and a companion dog. They’re clever enough to follow instructions precisely.

For decades, this dog has been used in police operations and in the military. However, simply because it is used in such hazardous professions, never believe it can’t be kept as a family dog. You can definitely use an incredible and faithful dog like the German shepherd in your residence.

You should appreciate how a German shepherd behaves before you get one.

To begin with, you have to realize that every animal has a definite temperament of its own like human beings. Although German shepherds have unique personalities, there are common dog breed characteristics. Depending on how you train your dog, these features will come into play in your bond with your German shepherd. An uncaring owner will undoubtedly bring up a German shepherd that’s hostile to others, particularly to kids and other animals.

The best traits of a German shepherd are: courageous, obedient and lively. They are fast learners. They may show diffident conduct amid strangers, but they’re likely to show their fun side in the company of relatives and comrades. They like to socialize with their owners and detest being left alone.

A German shepherd is not likely to be lazy. They should stretch their muscles and would be pleased about errands and being given things to do around the residence. They show the “can do” attitude when they are given a difficult task. A German shepherd’s behavior displays flexibility that can been seen when they’re working in their jobs. For this reason, this dog breed is well-loved by military personnel and policemen!

Blind persons nearly always have a German shepherd guide dog. They are responsible and won’t leave their owners in search of adventures.

He would be happy to complete a job, even if it’s just walking together with his blind master to the park. Several folks accuse the German shepherd for being too aggressive which is true. If not properly socialized, they could show paranoid behavior that can shock even the bravest soul. This aggressive behavior may be directed toward other animals and strangers. Being aggressive has a lot to do with the instinct to protect the herd. This is why they make such good sentinel dogs. Some schooling strategies help you handle this aggressive behavior.

Lastly, there is much potential in the German shepherd; all it needs is an active and dedicated owner willing to invest time and effort for this brilliant pet. It’s a great commitment!